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2022 w-4 Form: What You Should Know

If you want to be paid in U.S. Dollar after claiming exemption, you may want to check IRS's  Online Payment Plan or call. For more information, please call. If your federal Form W-4 or Illinois Form IL-W-4 is incomplete, complete the additional form IL-W-5 Employee's and other Payee's Illinois Withholding. You should make your tax adjustment on the Illinois state form. Also, make sure you are on the correct filing status on the Illinois form. For more information, please contact us at or visit our website at If you want to be paid in U.S. Dollar after claiming exemption, you may want to check IRS's Online Payment Plan or call. For more information, please call. Form W-4 or Illinois Form IL-W-4 are considered records of employment and are required to be filed with the IRS. You must file a Form W-4 or Illinois form IL-W-4 for each person to which you owe any federal income tax. This information is also available on IRS.gov. We want to give a huge Thanks to  Our good friend John, our tax services agent in Jefferson County and former employee, who spent countless hours helping us with our W-4's.  John, with the guidance of his wife, helped organize and lead our group in preparing W-4's for our group and helped set the groundwork for what we have achieved in our organization.  Please visit John's site at taxservicesjohndon.com.

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FAQ - 2023 w-4

Did the size of the check people had to write to the IRS in 2023 cause them to change their W-4 tax forms? Should it have?
As one who has seen and answered several taxpayers concerns, I not only witnessed but encouraged taxpayers to change their W-4 Forms with their employers since it saved many taxpayers from penalties for underpayment and also quarterly payments. It is much easier for the taxpayer to have their prepayments taken each pay-period rather than coming up with a sizeable amount quarterly or at the end of the year and since it may be delinquent, you would be penalized with estimated tax penalties, underpayment plus interest.Personally, I would rather receive a refund than worry about additional penalties.However, if I were to have received a very large refund, I would also adjust my W-4 so I would have access to more of my money (that way I may either invest it or receive interest on it).Just my opinion.
Is the Internal Revenue Service considering removing the withholding allowances from the W-4 for 2019?
Yes, the Internal Revenue Serviceu2019s draft Form W-4 for 2023 eliminates withholding allowances.Instead, an employee will write the employeeu2019s amount of interest income and other nonwage income not subject to withholding; the amount of itemized tax deductions and other tax deductions; the amount of child tax credit and other tax credits; and income from their own and their spouseu2019s other jobs.Employees who do not want to report all of this personal financial information to their employer can use the Internal Revenue Serviceu2019s online calculator and write the figure from the online calculator on the form instead.https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-dft/...
Should people who claim greater than on their W-4 revisit their 2023 withholding allowances based on changes to the 2023 tax laws?
Everybody should complete the new W4 worksheet to insure the proper amount is being withheld. You print one from the link below or get a copy from your Human Resources Office.https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/...
I am married claiming 2 on W-4 I noticed that no fed tax is being taken out for 2023. They did take soc sec and Medicare but not tax. Why?
If you are paid weekly and have less then $392 taxable income or bi-weekly and make less then $784 taxable you wouldnu2019t have any taxes. Taxable income is gross -401k, pretax insurances or flexible spending accounts. If you make then that look at your paystub see what your tax status is. Many people check the EXEMPT block on their W-4. If youu2019re over the earnings limit contact your emplyeru2019s payroll department.
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What could $10,000 USD buy in Finland right now?
At the moment, 10 00 USD equals 8 787 EUR.Because of the taxes, some items are relatively more expensive to others when compared to the prices in other countries.In Finland, ~ 8 800 EUR would be the value ofan used car; not a very good one, Iu2019m afraid! Letu2019s say an about 10 years old car with at least 60 00 miles or more (Cars are quite expensive in Finland because of taxes.) OR~ 1400 US liquid gallons of gasoline (98E) (Also expensive here!) OR~ 1600 US liquid gallons of organic milk (OR ~ 2900 US liquid gallons of regular milk; milk is cheap.) OR~ 10 US tonnes of potatoes (also cheap) OR~ 130 00 cups of home-brewed coffee OR about ~ 1 800 caffu00e9 lattes in an upscale cafu00e9 ORabout 18 square feet of an average apartment in Helsinki ORyou could live in a hotel for about 3 months (an abundant breakfast buffet would usually be included)Hope this helps! :)
How is it that I made over $40,000 last year but only getting $62 in state income taxes made way less in 2023 but got $500 back? Why?
So many possibilities.As others have said, in general, two types of people get money back: First, people who overpay all year for some reason (most people, and thatu2019s what most people call a tax refund, the government generously refunding their overpayment!)Second, people who the government wants to encourage or take pity on. That is called a credit. When youu2019re down and out, the government says u201chow bout we give you $1000 per child you have, because parenting is hard!u201d Thus the Child Tax Credit. If youu2019re poor, they may give you a few thousand bucks for being poor, called Earned Income Credit. These are just backdoors to welfare by another name. I donu2019t even mean that in a bad way. I dream of a tax refund as much as anyone else. One more, Education Credits. If you were in school, they say Yay School! and give you money.So one of the questions I get asked the most is u201cwhy do I owe money, Iu2019m just a single guy with no family and not in school working full-time! Why donu2019t they just tax rich people?u201d Well, the reality is at that point, this guy is rich people. He may make $15/hr, but with nothing u201cimportantu201d to spend it on, it couldnu2019t be more fair to tax anyone else! (Unless you believe that taxing none of all evenly is more fair, thatu2019s up to you.)But the government will pay you or give you a discount for basically anything it wants you to do, get married, have kids, buy a house, go to school, give to charity, etc. And theyu2019ll pay you for anything they take pity on: medical expenses, smart debt, moving expenses for a better lifeu2026Now this is an important part: with many Credits, you donu2019t even have to pay in to get the u201crefund.u201d Local strip mall tax offices are often crowded with people off the street, walking in with kids that arenu2019t theirs, and saying, u201clook at me, I have five kids, let me make up a few social security numbers for you so you can give me $5000! And Iu2019m in school, and we live off $13,000/yr.u201d Really. The IRS isnu2019t stupid, but you can only go after so many people a year. And this will stay on their record til the day they die, so next year when they bring different kids or different social security numbers itu2019ll catch up. But in year one, it often works. Because Credits.Long story short, as you raise the ranks, if you pay the right amount of taxes, your refund will decrease. But more likely youu2019ll only raise the ranks by making good choices, which will increase your refund. Or youu2019ll face a disaster, which will increase your refund.
Which Quora users have the most followers?
I put together a quick site over a few hours on the weekend to generate a list of top Quora users (by followers):http://www.quoratop.com/It updates the numbers once a day for the users in the system. http://www.quoratop.com/?shortLi... generates a list suitable for pasting into a Quora answer:As of Mar 6, 2011:Robert Scoble has 20,196 followersEvan Williams has 19,565 followersKevin Rose has 18,712 followersTim O'Reilly has 15,483 followersJason McCabe Calacanis has 12,854 followersMichael Arrington has 12,670 followersLeo Laporte has 10,283 followersBiz Stone has 9,609 followersLoic Le Meur has 8,220 followersJohn Gruber has 8,105 followersJeremiah Owyang has 7,674 followersDave McClure has 7,637 followersDave Larson has 7,393 followersSteve Case has 6,452 followersJeff Jarvis has 6,450 followersDave Morin has 6,273 followersM.G. Siegler has 6,127 followersMark Suster has 6,077 followersBabak Nivi has 5,402 followersAdam D'Angelo has 5,340 followersLaura Fitton has 5,327 followersChris Messina has 5,032 followersDave Winer has 4,963 followersCharlie Cheever has 4,957 followersCraig Newmark has 4,707 followersDennis Crowley has 4,500 followersZee M Kane has 4,445 followersDavid Armano has 4,400 followersAdam Rifkin has 4,351 followersTara Hunt has 4,281 followersGina Trapani has 4,238 followersMike Butcher has 4,127 followersKeith Rabois has 4,032 followersMarc Andreessen has 3,993 followersAlex Payne has 3,851 followersRyan Carson has 3,817 followersDharmesh Shah has 3,812 followersBen Parr has 3,756 followersAnn Handley has 3,659 followersPete Cashmore has 3,603 followersDick Costolo has 3,590 followersMark Zuckerberg has 3,514 followersDoug Bowman has 3,338 followersDaniel Brusilovsky has 3,123 followersUser-10905341672312690904 has 3,005 followersWayne Sutton has 2,971 followersDustin Curtis has 2,934 followersDouglas Idugboe has 2,923 followersJoel Mackey has 2,898 followersRebekah Cox has 2,890 followersTristan Walker has 2,769 followersTamar Weinberg has 2,611 followersPhilip Kaplan has 2,599 followersYishan Wong has 2,594 followersChris Voss has 2,570 followersUmair Haque has 2,552 followersShervin Pishevar has 2,533 followersJesse Stay has 2,523 followersRobin Wauters has 2,440 followersEsther Dyson has 2,434 followersGabe Rivera has 2,391 followersLucretia M Pruitt has 2,390 followersAlexia Tsotsis has 2,360 followersDustin Moskovitz has 2,284 followersTracy Chou has 2,273 followersMatt Mastracci has 2,204 followersAndy Carvin has 2,150 followersKevin Green has 2,054 followersAaron Lee has 2,047 followersStowe Boyd has 2,026 followersDavid Sifry has 2,019 followersJimmy Wales has 1,988 followersRonald Yau has 1,956 followersJennifer Van Grove has 1,950 followersEdward Boches has 1,945 followersChristine Lu has 1,944 followersSaul Klein has 1,929 followersLiz Pullen has 1,896 followersMarc Bodnick has 1,815 followersFarhad Mohit has 1,806 followersMichael Wolfe has 1,791 followersWayne Mansfield has 1,774 followersNoah Kagan has 1,764 followersJason Keath has 1,760 followersMicah Baldwin has 1,740 followersBradley Horowitz has 1,739 followersEmily Chang has 1,738 followersMike Rundle has 1,681 followersReid Garrett Hoffman has 1,677 followersJeff Hammerbacher has 1,644 followersKaiser Kuo has 1,640 followersSusan Beebe has 1,620 followersRyan Sarver has 1,610 followersCaroline McCarthy has 1,560 followersOrli Yakuel has 1,554 followersOli Gardner has 1,553 followersSarah Perez has 1,514 followersChristina Warren has 1,508 followersFred Wilson has 1,493 followersCharlene Li has 1,469 followers
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