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Instructions and Help about Form W-3PR

Here we're going to take a look at the w3 form which is the summary form that goes with all your w-2s again this is not a form you can print and say and download and send in okay here's the part that's going to go on the very top and you're going to have a bunch of these w2's all your w-2s from your employees copy a of all the w2's that was the red copy of all the w2's it's going to be sent with this red copy of the w3 okay to the Social Security Administration you're going to click on what kind of payer box a is a control number that's optional B is kind of payer and for us basically that's going to be a 941 if you fill out quarterly nine forty ones for your company that's what you would check okay foxy the total numbers of forms w2 well how many w-2 forms are you attaching here that would be that would be however many you put there the establishment number is also optional so you can leave that blank employer ID number that's our federal employer ID number our name our address and zip code any other employer ID used this year box H as if if your company had some other federal ID number that was used this year generally that's going to be blank for us okay the kind of employer up at the top generally for us none will apply so you can just check that box box one is the total a total of all of the Box ones of all your w-2s so you need 20 w-2s you're gonna add up the box ones for all 20 w-2s and put that in there this wages should equal the same as what's on your ah a 944 wages this is the same number as what's on if your 940 ones box three of your 940 ones if you add all four box 3s off that should equal this as well dive drill income tax withheld the total of all the Box tubes out of all of your w-2s that you're sending the total of all box three is gonna go in 3 etc 4 5 6 etc now on box 12 there are different things remember there was an a b a c and a d and you would put the code next and then how much was for that code and there's a whole bunch of different kinds of things that might go in box 12 the one we talked about was a simple plan for the project or a 401k which would be a code of d and both of those are what is called deferred compensation and so it goes into a retirement thing its deferred means later on so this is compensation that they're gonna pay tax on later on they did they had it with house from their check and put it


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Contact the HR departmentMACYS CORPORATE SERVICES 7 West Seventh Street Cincinnati OH 45202 5135797000151 West 34th Street New York NY 10001 2124943000
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